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What is Banner Design?


A Banner is an advertising format, presenting your business on a wide variety of websites.


It is a great digital billboard to create brand, attract customers and push your conversions.


We´re talking about graphic content, specially designed to occupy spaces that WEB Pages reserve for companies to advertise.


Banners can be static or dynamic and the Banner Design possibilities are endless.


Within the PPC Platforms, like Google Ads or Facebook Ads, you´ll have the possibility to create  basic responsive banners, but the design is quite limited. If you´re looking for a professional banner designer that focuses on conversions, I can create efficient ad banner sets for your enterprise, using the Google Web Designer tool.


Banners are recommended for those companies that have higher traffic but, as mentioned before, they can also play an important role in brand awareness for smaller businesses.


Companies that are very specialized in a specific sector connect easier with their target audience through Banners, compared to companies that on the contrary are not as specialized. 


But if your company does not comply with the above does not mean that you can not attract traffic through Banners.


A good strategy to position the Banners on websites where your target audience is present will be the key to success.


Why RECHANEL Online Marketing?


Banner Design requires creativity, the ability to surprise and attract the attention of your potential client and show the most relevant content to that person.


If the Banner is efficient, it will call attention above the rest of the elements of the website that´s being visited. 


Banners to increase your Sales or Leads, Banners to grow your Brand, Banners to promote an Event or Banners to show your target audience something that they might be interested in… the purposes are infinite.


If you´ve come to this point, you are probably looking for help to Design Converting Banners and maximize your presence through these online billboards. 


Or maybe your enterprise is already being promoted using Display Ads, but you´d like to give it a more professional approach. Thus you´ll reach more people to grow your brand.


Do you have doubts about whether Banners would be profitable for your company?


How you can implement them into your Online Marketing Strategy?


How and where you should integrate them or what type of design or format you´d need?


Then, do not hesitate to contact me through this formI will be delighted to know everything about your project!


I am a Certified Digital Marketing Expert. My brand is RECHANEL Online Marketing.

I’ve been creating and designing Banners for medium-sized and large international companies for +12 years.


I research, plan and design Banners in multiple languages (English, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and French).


Remember that is the website of a Multilingual Independent Online Marketer.


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