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Are you looking for the best hosting solution for your website?

A few years ago it was very easy to choose a Hosting to host your website, your blog, your e-commerce or your digital project, whatever it was.

Today, luckily, choosing a good Hosting to host your website or blog is a difficult task since the Hosting market has been growing at crazy speeds, parallel to the growth of our “online planet”.

And we want the best for our project. So … where do I start?


Gather information before deciding, search, read in forums, attentive to the good and the bad reviews and if there is any Hosting that you like: before buying it, get in touch with their customer service and solve all those doubts that you might have.


There is a lot of info on the net about Hosting, everyone competes (logical). Their weapons are mainly the rates and services offered with each plan and the technical service also usually dazzles you. Browsing for information, you´ll find a lot of bloggers who exchange their time for a handful of dollars to write, compare, praise and endorse different Hostings. They compare them and offer you a good overview of the entire arsenal that each one uses. In their texts you´ll find countless direct links to the official websites and their plans, designed for the needs of each digital project, whether personal or business … blah blah blah … I won´t roll up more …


In 12 years of experience managing web pages, blogs, & e-commerce both personally and for business, I´ve tried many different Hostings. The truth is that there is a huge difference between one and the other (sometimes it doesn´t seem so), even when they are offering the same price & service, they are usually very far apart and this makes it even more difficult

to choose the right Hosting, well suited to our demands or needs.

Choose your package......

As you have already noticed, for the banners and especially for the title of this post, for me the best Hosting is SiteGround, without doubts and without hesitation!


You may wonder why is he the best?

I could roll up, retell you everything that they have already written in thousands of posts, with great success, a lot of bloggers and bloggers, but I will not do it, nor will I go into analysis that you can read on the official websites of each Hosting … I repeat: look for info, compare and if you find something better … hire!


But … (there is always one) I can not ignore what really makes me have hired SiteGround as my main Hosting and also think that it is the best Hosting you can hire, I would never recommend anything without experiencing it before. There are many other aspects, especially technical, but these are the ones that, in my opinion, prefer the balance:


1. Page load speed (it is really amazing).

2. 99.9% server availability guaranteed (this couldn´t be better).

3. Technical support of the best; fast service and emergency telephone lines (I checked this).

4. Optimization tools for your website (especially for WordPress, they are specialists).

5. Automatic CMS installations (if you´re not a Pro, this is simply great).

6. Multilingual support (ticket, chat and emergency phone…) 

7. High security towards external attacks.


It is true that there are cheaper Hostings on the market; you can also buy a pair of winter shoes in a Chinese store, but if you are looking to keep your feet dry, you´d rather buy in your trusted shoe store (all my respect for Chinese stores that sell winter shoes).


And taking advantage of the fact that I´ve decided to write about the wonderful benefits that it can have for your health to buy SiteGround Hosting, if you decide to go with the best one and you do it by clicking on these banners or links, a handful of those dollars will fall into my coffers and they´ll give me wings to continue writing and advising the services and products that I use in my daily life.



¡SiteGround, the best hosting for your website!

Compare all the plans that SiteGround offers with just 1 click!

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