What is Retargeting?


Retargeting or Remarketing allows you to create tailored or customized ads, usually for display, intended for previous visitors to your website.


In other words, if a user knows your brand and visits your website only once, Remarketing gives you the ability to segment your ads and let the user see only the ads that exactly promote the products in which he has shown interest in previously.


The ultimate goal is to increase ROI (return on investment) and with it, of course, sales.


Why RECHANEL Online Marketing?


There are many ways to integrate Remarketing into your Marketing Strategy to create a brand or to increase sales/leads.


But the key is to choose well the channels in which to apply it. You must understand what type of ads you are going to create and show to attract that client who left without buying or without filling out the contact form.


Limiting the frequency with which your ads are shown -to not overwhelm the potential client-, customize your audience’s lists, launch and use all the analysis tools are essential day-to-day steps to recapture that undecided customer, in order to complete the conversion!


At RECHANEL ONLINE MARKETING I offer you an outstanding Remarketing service, based on +12 years of experience, collaborating with large and medium-sized enterprises around the world.


If your company or business is looking for a Remarketing Specialist or a Retargeting Expert and you have reached RECHANEL.COM, do not miss the opportunity to contact a Freelance Specialist with extended Marketing experience. Just  fill out this form and I´ll reply to you as soon as I can to discuss your project.


Remember that is the website of a Multilingual Freelance Digital Marketer.


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