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What is SEM?

The acronym SEM means: Search Engine Marketing and this is the creation of search engine advertising campaigns always supported with the use of tools and strategies that help us optimize visibility and increase accessibility of websites and web pages, thanks to the engines of the search engines. offers you multi-language comprehensive marketing (English, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and French) for search engines, giving visibility and digital positioning to your company, segmenting your campaigns and directing them to your potential clients.


Increase conversions with immediate results and maximize campaign time, effort and budget.

Why RECHANEL Online Marketing?

Because a good Online Marketing Strategy is crucial before starting, and this requires working with an experienced digital marketing specialist.


I carefully study the niche of each client, design and create efficient structures for medium and large accounts with outstanding success. My client´s testimonials support my work.

With SEM, your products or services will be promoted quickly on a large scale. It´s up to you to decide what you want to achieve. The sky is the limit!

Search Engine Marketing is all about optimization.

I optimize the created campaigns and focus on constantly increasing your ROI (Return on Investment).

All website traffic is analyzed and segmented, in order to optimize the targeting for your online marketing goals. Imagine that most visitors to your website are interested in buying your products or services… interesting, right?

Keyword bids (CPCs) are expensive in many cases, when competition is hard. A careful and professional study will make a big difference in the budget of your digital marketing campaigns.

Hiring a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) & Search Engine Advertising (SEA) Specialist is the best decision to achieve your company’s objectives.

The creation and optimization of successful SEM campaigns requires a great effort. Rechanel (Freelancer Online Marketing) is a specialist in Search Engine Marketing (SEM). +14 years of experience in creating and optimizing +600 International PPC accounts, working with multilingual campaigns and medium & large budgets.

If you´ve come so far, you are probably looking for help to start promoting your business through PPC campaigns. You may have a company and need a professional in the Online Marketing field to increase your sales or leads.


Tell me your ideas by filling out this form, the response will be prompt and friendly.

Remember that is the website of an Independent Freelance Online Marketing Expert.

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