SMA Social Media Advertising

What is Social Media Advertising?


SMA Social Media Advertising is part of Social Media Marketing, which is a very broad term that encompasses many things. Social networks, viral videos, blogs, music, photographs, chats, forums, post, SMS, e-mails, etc.


Each platform, each tool is important, the key is in a good approach to draw a profitable strategy and create a link with the different communities in each platform that is within the reach of your company.

It is, therefore, crucial that your company´s marketing strategy is guided by a professional SMA Marketer, since the arsenal of social networks and platforms is huge. The aim is to create a virtual showcase for your products or services and that potential customers, regular users of the network, companies or businesses have access to it, which will lead to increasing your sales or leads.


Your online business will be growing quickly, when guided by an experienced Social Media Advertising Specialist


Why RECHANEL Online Marketing?


There are many paths in social media marketing and the first step should always be an in-depth study of what the current state of the company is regarding Social Media.


Another important point is to determine and know your target audience. You should keep a close eye on your competition and understand  in what position they are, how they use social media and what impact it has on your target audience.

Having this clear will help you diagram your Social Media Strategy.


You must ask yourself several questions so that your answers begin to shape the SMA Social Media Advertising Plan.


For example:
Is your company or business already using Social Media? If so, what reputation on the internet do you have, or what is said about your company or business? On which platforms can you find your target audience (potential customers)?


And is your competition present in the most important social networks?

If you have come here, you are probably looking for help to start positioning your company or business on social networks and make the most of them.


Or perhaps your company is already present on several social platforms and you want to give it a more professional approach, in order to reach more relevant people to increase your status and your sales/leads. Tell me your ideas by filling out this form, the response will be prompt and friendly.


I am an Independent Expert in Social Media Advertising. My brand is RECHANEL Online Marketing and I have been creating and optimizing more than 500 international PPC accounts for +12 years. I´m able to position your company or business in the social networks where it deserves…


Remember that is the website of a Freelance Digital Marketer.


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