SMM Social Media Management

What is SMM Social Media Management?

SMM Social Media Management is much more than just posting… it involves planning, researching and creating content strategies in social networks. Furthermore, it´s important to stay up to date and constantly find new ways to engage with your audience and search for new opportunities to keep on growing.

Why RECHANEL Online Marketing?

Planning the social media strategy of a company or business is not an easy task. Surrounding yourself with professionals like RECHANEL Online Marketing is undoubtly a wise decision.

The role of a Social Media Manager is decisive in the future of a successful social media strategy. There are many hot spots to consider and a professional can help to position your company in social networks, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more.

Often, companies from different sectors and countries contact me to start a collaboration. When we dive deeper into the situation, we usually find out that campaign planning is scarce. For many of them this means a loss of sales, leads, customers, and worse… money.

So, is there any solution? Keep calm, the answer is yes. 

The experience gained over the years and the results of my clients’ accounts have taught me that there are important guidelines to follow and that the rush is not a good thing… Let’s start:

A market study, the presence of your brand in social networks, select the most important networks for your company, know and segment your target audience correctly, know where to find your target audience. This last point is important, because not all social networks and platforms are suitable to promote your company or business. If done correctly, you will reach your goals more easily. You know; do not start to build a house from the roof…

Furthermore, regular analysis of the results are crucial. Interpretation of the data and optimization for greater performance is key factor in success. In medium-sized or large organizations, the Social Media Manager is also the supervisor of the work of the CM (Community Manager) and responsible for their roadmaps.

As you can see there are many tasks of a Social Media Manager. To be successful, it´s advised to work with a SMM Specialist. RECHANEL Online Marketing researches, plans and designs social media campaigns in multiple languages ​​(English, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and French).

If you have come to this point, you are probably looking for help to start positioning your brand on social networks and make the most of them.Or perhaps your company is already present on several social platforms and you want to give it a more professional approach, in order to reach more relevant people to increase your status and your sales/leads. Tell me your ideas by filling out this form, the response will be prompt and friendly.

I am an Independent Specialist in SMM Social Media Marketing, my brand is RECHANEL Online Marketing. I have been creating and optimizing more than 500 international PPC accounts for +12 years and I am able to position your company or business in the social networks where it deserves.

Remember that is the website of a Freelance Digital Marketer.

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