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What is Web Analytics?

Web Analytics is a vital digital data analysis for the growth of your Online Marketing campaigns. This analysis will help you to make correct and appropriate decisions to achieve your objectives.


It will also help you to optimize strategies and thus improve the profitability of the investment made (increase ROI).

Every day, internet users generate a huge amount of data with their online behavior. To achieve the best results, it is essential, and of the utmost importance, that the tracked data is being carefully analyzed and used to further improve the performance of your online marketing efforts.


The data offered by the different search engines or external tools of the digital universe is therefore essential if you want to grow your online business.


Remember: a data analysis by a specialist is the key to understanding the modus operandi of your audience and this will make you make the right decisions. You will hit the center of the target!


Why RECHANEL Online Marketing?

I am NOT one of those data analysts who approaches the world of the fortune teller in their day-to-day life, by wasting time and money on their clients and companies. I do measure and analyze the behavior of your target audience with great precision.


RECHANEL Online Marketing: I am an expert in Web Analytics, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Facebook Pixel and 3rd Party Tracking Integrations. I structure and analyze the collected data to shape your online campaigns and reach the desired objectives.

Tracking allows us to have total control to see where the sales or leads come from, which campaigns work and which do not.


You´ll get all the possible data about the user´s behaviour, carried out on the world wide web (internet). Integrated with a reliable tracking tool, such as Google Analytics, it gives you the opportunity to obtain a greater number of statistics that can be used to carry out a deeper monitoring of the most relevant data for your company or business.


If you are looking for a certified specialist in Web Analytics and have come so far, you are probably looking for help with a reliable tracking for your website or landing page. You can contact me through this form, the response will be quick and friendly.


I´m a Specialist in Web Analytics, my brand is RECHANEL Online Marketing. I have been creating and optimizing more than 500 international PPC accounts for +12 years. I am able to set up an efficient sales funnel to track your desired goals. I perform the analysis of all the data generated by your audience and use them to enrich your online campaigns in a notorious way.


Remember that rechanel.com is the website of a Freelance Digital Marketing Expert.


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Web Analytics



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